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What We Do

We are here to support and guide organisations through increasingly challenging political landscapes.  Business growth and business continuity are our priorities for our clients.  We draw upon a range of skills and expertise, including organisational strategy, political consultancy and government affairs, strategic communications, and community engagement.

Whatever the challenge you face, NKA a leading public affairs agency, can work with you to help to influence key decision making processes, and ensure effective communications processes are in place to allow your commercial goals to be achieved.


Public Affairs

We engage with key stakeholders and influencers on issues which could impact upon your organisation’s ability to operate successfully. We help you to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find a common ground with these stakeholders on your behalf.

Planning and Local Government

We know that every planning issue is political and with that in mind, we bring our first-hand experience to assist clients in navigating the planning process, to undertake community engagement and eventually to secure successful planning outcomes.

Strategic Consultancy

We respond and advise on approaches to unforeseen change to help your business prosper. We will work with you to help find out how we can help build your resilience and capacity in an ever changing political landscape.

Stakeholder Relations

We understand that strategic relationships are critical to the success of every organisation. We work to ensure that these relations are understood, developed and maintained making sure that your key messages are understood wherever necessary.


Just a few of the companies we've had the pleasure of working with.

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